The Averoldi Srl is specialized for over 40 years in precision machining and runs milling, boring and turning.

The company is able to work any kind of mechanical product from heavy carpentry to small details and all types of materials, from steel to common materials such as inconel and duplex stainless steels and all.

The dominant sectors from which finds its customers are the steel industry, production presses, valves, the oil field production facilities, production of special equipment, machine tools and industrial machinery.

In our 40 years of working with leading companies from various sectors have accumulated the experience that allows us to perform quickly and with high quality special mechanical machining in small series and operate in complete autonomy complete orders from carpentry, to machining and assembly.

AMC is a Averoldi group company, began as a manufacturer of machines and equipment for the graphic arts industry worldwide and distributes its machines with the brand AMCitaliana.

In these years, AMC has built its reputation for quality and reliability of its machines, the professionalism of its operators, technical support and after sales of the first order.

Up to now, thanks to the efforts of our distributors and confidence of our customers have about 800 machines installed around the world with our brand AMCitaliana.

Our machines are designed to address every need and requirement in the field of die cutting various materials and can work in addition to the paper: PVC, cardboard, aluminum and others, we produce machines quadrotto, strip, sheet, credit cards, and the blister die-cutting of each type of label and of any size.

On request we design, manufacture and install special machines and plants.