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High Precision Mechanical works

Boring, Milling, Turning, Valves

High Precision Mechanical works

Boring, Milling, Turning


Averoldi’s main goal is to assure the customers’ satisfaction, being always innovative, through a strategy of accurate and targeted investments, that will support the market’s requirements, thanks to high reliability equipment. The mechanical works are the outcome of a technical study of the customer’s drawings and specification by our qualified staff, who will identify the most suitable working cycle and related tooling, to assure a top-notch result, optimizing lead times and costs. Main jobs performed are boring, milling and turning, on medium to big components; but we can also work on series of smaller components, maintaining a complete and customized service.


Averoldi cooperates, since more than a decade, with the major worldwide Oil&Gas valves manufacturers; and is already allocated as a Vendor within the main players in the field of metal-to-metal valves. This close collaboration has allowed Averoldi to acquire a thorough know-how on the manufacturing of key components, such as: expanding gates, slab gates, stems, etc.. The dimensional range that Averoldi can handle goes from 5’’ to 42’’, with a finishing that assures immediate TCC phase. This is possible thanks a dedicated and skilled technical staff, guaranteeing the processes and the customer’s requirements.