Fully hydraulic, suitable for the production of all types of label materials (paper, plastic, cardboard, etc..) And forms directly from a stack of sheets. All die-cutted labels (except for very large sizes) are stacked on a collector, while the crop remains on the table. The NCmoving can accommodate a 360 ° rotation of the die for die cutting and inverted ima- ges embedded with great savings of paper and with correction of each label or the entire program, and cutting can be done at any angle and desired sequence.
The control of each operation is managed by a panel TFT display with graphics and page management, customizable user interface by PC.


Dati tecnici/Specifications
NC80 NC110
Dimensione utile tavola
Usable punching surface
600x800 mm 750x1100 mm
Fustellato Max
Maximum Cutting Size
280x280 mm 280x280 mm
Fustellato Min.
Minimum Cutting Size
10x10 mm 10x10 mm
Altezza di carico
Stack height
0÷25 mm 0÷25 mm
Margine di taglio
Trim Margin
0÷5 mm 0÷5 mm
Nr. colpi per minuto
Stroke per minute
60 max
60 max
Pressione taglio
Cutting pressure
10.000 kg
10.000 kg
Potenza installata
Installed power
7,5 HP 7,5 HP
Peso netto
Net weight
1900 Kg 2200 Kg
Dimensioni della macchina
Machine dimensions
2600x1600 mm 3600x1800 mm


Hydro-pneumatic group enslavement Group evacuation ream of paper Regulating unit rotation of the table, self-adjusting nylon loop at each end Group rismatore clamp and programmable pneumatic retractable

Group programmable cutting depth registry tool Group electro-pneumatic Ability to work with the group contropressore inside the die or die-cut opportunity to harvest the product stacked in the guides New control system with a TFT display with graphic pages manager, customizable user interface by PC